This project was born on a plot of land in Santo Estevão, Herdade do Zambujeiro, for more than 25 years, where the first artificial lake / dam in Portugal was built exclusively for the practice of water sports.

The construction of the lake took about two years because the terrain was quite rough and it was necessary to create a basin in order to receive the water that would be placed there.

With the completion of the works and before being submerged of water, a surveyor implanted the fixation points for the buoys of a water ski slope, so that the buoys never had oscillations.

This made it possible for the International and National Federation to recognize water skiing on the track as the only one in Portugal at the time when the results could be internationally approved.

After 3 intense months of “open faucet” to fill the lake, a great diversity of fish was placed so that they kept the water oxygenated, clean and alive.

With this measure the water was good for bathing and became drinkable.

During these 25 years we have been involved in several water skiing and jet skiing events, as well as organizing various events for canoeing, sailing, wakeboarding, paddle surfing, boat driving, competition in nautical skiing and jet skiing.

Several social initiatives were also organized in conjunction with the Camara Municipal  de Benavente, Parish Council of Santo Estevão and IPO of Lisbon, giving young people most in need to learn and have a first contact with these modalities.


The success has been great and we have seen more and more fans interested in attending this lake.

With this demand came the need to develop the tourist zone in this area having then the place been baptized with the name “Nautispot” (Nautical Space).

The proximity of Lisbon (about 40 KM) is a plus of this project, because the route from Lisbon to the lake is in about 30 minutes.