We provide nautical experiences in a controlled environment, with quality and safety in harmony with nature.

From experience to continuous training with float circuit remains and no need for navigation chart.
Check our table of values and check your experience already.


*Beginner class with material (10 mints. briefing + 15 mints. + 15 mints.) 60€

*Lesson with instructor included
A security deposit may be requested
No Navigation License Required


Instructors trained and experienced in Nautical Sports and Maritime Safety to accompany in private lessons:
  • Accessible for all ages from children to grown ups;
  • In the competitive field several champions have already been formed in the modalities of Water Ski, Jet Ski and Water Bikes;
  • Permanent buoy circuit;
  • Specific and technical trainings with international athletes of the Jet Ski mode and Water Motorcycles like Markus Erlach and Kevin Reiterer.

*Without own material will have to count with the activity value.

Class packages are valid for 1 year from date of purchase.



For ages starting at 6:

  •  Program with various water sports
  •  Meals
  •  Sleeping in bunk beds
  •  Team spirit
  •  Group games
  •  And a lot of fun guaranteed…


Put together your friends or co-workers and create your own bundle of experiences from the various modalities.

Prices from 20€/Person.
We hold the event to your measure so that nothing is missing, Schools, Birthday Parties, Team Building, Weddings, Competition Events and more.
Not even the sky is the limit here!!
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